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The Rangemore Club was provided by the Bass family for the workers on the Bass Estate. It originally provided a library and a bar (Bass after all made his money from brewing). It is a non-profit company that has a board of trustees and a management committee. responsible in particular for the finances. The club buildings would revert to the Rangemore Estate if the club ceased to operate for more than 6 months.

The RangemoreIn the late 1940s, when Rangemore Hall was sold to become a deaf school, the billiards table was donated to the club and is now used for snooker. It was originally located in the bar, but was later relocated to the library room. In the past, many of the members were farm operatives working for the Rangemore Estate. When the farms were leased out, trade from the farm operatives declined and there was a threat that the club would close as it was uneconomic. More recently its fortunes have revived as a new vibrant community has emerged in Rangemore village. The current membership is 80 people and growing.

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